Not An Average Journal

This right here is on the top of my list of game changers. If you’re not journaling your trades your setting yourself up for failure. For me, it took a while to start using a journal just due to being lazy and not having a proper journal that had met all my needs and that was easy to use. Finally, I stumbled across a company and trade journal called Edgewonk, this right here, in my opinion, is the best trade journal I’ve found. Some of the features Edgewonks journal platform have are:

  • Interactive equity graph: Analyse every aspect of your trading individually and visualize how your trading behavior is impacting your results
  • Trade entry wizard: Adding new trades is as easy as 1-2-3 with our improved entry wizard.
  • Holding time analysis: Analyze how holding time is impacting your performance and find out what works best for you
  • Trade management evaluation: Compare your potential and your actual performance and see where you are leaving money on the table
  • Stop and profit metrics: Edgewonk shows you exactly if you could improve your order placement
  • Analyze your own setups: Start tracking different strategies and setups and find out when they are performing best
  • Save trade screenshots: Add screenshots to your trades and use our Chartbook to go through your past trades
  • Session analyzer: The Sessions tab allows you to make notes about weekly/monthly sessions and keep track of important findings and lessons
  • Custom statistics: Create your own, personalized statistics, tag your trades and then evaluate the impacts on your performance
  • Works on all markets: Edgework works for stocks, Forex, Spreadbetting, futures and CFD trading This journal isn’t free, the price for

This journal isn’t free, the price for Edgewonk’s journal platform is $169.00  Please find a link for the free trial which you can download to get a feel for the journal yourself

Edgewonk isn’t the only trade journal out there, don’t get me wrong but for me this platform has everything plus more you need to develop a winning strategy an sustain that strategy through the changing conditions of the market. A few extra features I think that make this platform better than all others are little things such as the Trading sessions section where every morning I will set goals, how I am emotionally and expectations and at the end of the day I will conclude my day with what worked, what didn’t and what I’ve learnt Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 12.48.05.png

Defo check it out guys and would love to hear some feedback on your own experience using the platform.
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One thought on “Not An Average Journal”

  1. Good idea and you are correct! I too started a blog 3 years ago! I trade FX – S&P E-Mini and Oil Futures! Used to trade a lot now trade far less and make far more! Good luck and look forward to following you – Keep well – Doug.


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